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Steve Brown

Steve is the Founder & President of Precision Vector Financial. He decided to establish Precision Vector Financial (PVF) in 2021 after analyzing the financial services industry, and concluding that the average financial advisor may not understand the benefit offerings that federal employees face. Even fewer advisors attempt to help clients navigate college planning and funding. To Steve, as a federal employee and parent himself, he understands simultaneously saving for retirement and college. Steve is a Chartered Federal Employee Benefits Consultant (ChFEBC℠) and a Certified College Funding Specialist (CCFS®) as well as a Fiduciary. The Fiduciary standard ensures that Steve makes it his goal to put every client’s financial needs before his own, as it should be. In addition to owning PVF, Steve is also an air traffic controller at Detroit Metro airport, where he has safely guided passengers since 2009.

Prior to starting the ATC portion of his career, he began in 2006 working in Chicago on the fast-paced equities and foreign exchange trading floors. These exciting work environments instilled in Steve a need to work at a pace that keeps up with the speed of the ever-changing markets. Steve then transitioned to the CME Group, where his group sold historical trade data to hedge funds looking to build complex trading algorithms.

Steve received his Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Finance from The Eli Broad College of Business At Michigan State University in 2005. He speaks a bit of Portuguese along with some Spanish.  He lives in Brighton, Michigan with his wife Ashley, and three children, Evelyn, Lucas and Holly.

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